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The Blue Print for Future
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About Us

The Blue Print for Future

  Research Interests

  1、石墨烯 Graphene

  2、材料基因组工程 Material genome engineering

  3、TCO及关键装备 TCO and key equipment

  4、高比能全固态电池 High specific energy solid state battery

  5、环境纳米催化 Environmental nanoscale catalysis

  Supports and Advantages


Due to these supports and advantages, Prof. Shao (Chairman of ZAMTL and ZMGI) proposes to construct the first graphene technology industry park in Henan that combines the technology developed from ZMGI and the raw graphene products from ZAMTL. The local government provides over 80 million RMB as the start funding and over 40 hectares for park construction. We are making effort to establish graphene technology industry group in the foreseen future.


In the upcoming Industry Park for Advance Materials, the following distinguished departments will be established and unite to accelerate the transference the research achievements to the market.

创新的一体化产业园模式 “一院”“一园” “一产业”